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Real Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter 6.5 inch for Sale

6.5 inch hoverboard on sale 6.5 inch swagway small tyre hoverboard

This is the Original and Official hoverboard™ Two Wheel self balancing scooter and it comes with a 1-Year Standard Warranty + Free Shipping. Since we first launched this revolutionized hoverboard, there have been many cheap “knockoffs and copycat brands that have created very cheap versions of the Original hoverboard™. Don’t be fooled into buying these cheap products simply to save a few bucks. Most of these are very poorly made using cheap parts, and you’ll end up wasting your money.If you want the real-swag, this is it!

The hoverboard™ Hoverboard is very meticulous in the products we sell. We make sure our boards are made with the finest parts. All of our boards come with a high quality aluminum alloy frame. Our batteries are a high powered lithium ion Top Quality Brand battery. Our technology is built on a strong platform, which eliminates reaction time from rider to board, giving the ability to maneuver wherever the user pleases. We are still a higher quality but for an even more affordable price.

The hoverboard™ has been called a hoverboard, self balancing scooter, drift board and hands-free smart-board. We simply call it awesome and super fun! Join the Swag Revolution: Order your hoverboard™ and get moving!

The hoverboard Hoverboard will ship separately from all other items in your order including other hoverboards. Each hoverboard ships separately.

Every hoverboard™ Hoverboards comes with a 1-Year Standard Warranty. Click Here for Details.


Hard ABS Outer Body Casing
Aluminum Wheels with Rubber Tires
Weight Limit: 222 lbs (100kg)
Speed: 2-10 mph (~3 – 16 kmh)*
Range: Up to 20 miles*
*approximate, based on rider weight, terrain, temperature, and driving style.

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