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Intelligent Balanced Car Self-balancing Scooter Makes Consumers Suprised

balanced car CES 2016 new technology walkercar

All cool and helpful intelligent technologies are shown in CES each year. With the technologies which reinvent the electric vehicles, and its intelligent scooters will make CES 2016 different.

No one could have imagined that intelligence technologies will make such a great difference to the life of human beings today. Intelligence technologies have penetrated into every section of people’s life. The convenience and joy intelligence technologies bring to people make people desire to turn everything in everyday life into “intelligent ones”. CES is the show in which people show their achievement towards such goals. After the smart phone, smart watch, smart glasses and smart TV, people turn their sights to another kinds of products which are closely related to people life – the city vehicles. Some car producers has worked a lot to develop intelligent system for their cars. Some other enterprises, like Airwheel, has been working hard to reinvent electric vehicles by integrating intelligence elements into them, which enable Airwheel to develop many revolutionary products. Airwheel and its intelligent scooters will make CES 2016 a different one.

Actually,the 10 inch intelligent scooters have brought consumers the riding experiences which are more comfortable and convenient and totally revolutionary. Because of the intelligent operating system and the high-quality vehicle units, MSX intelligent scooters will bring people the powerful and stable performances. For instance, The model of gemmy self-balancing electric board 2016 new Style w/ Handle Printing Electric skateboards are not bigger than traditional skateboards. But they are capable to cover the travel distance as long as 28 km at the speed of 18km/h.

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