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How Much for a Hoverboard Self-balancing Scooter?

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The CES 2016 exhibition shows one "toy" called two wheeled balancing skateboarding.Some may call it a self-balancing board or a smart balance board. Others refer to it as a “mini segway without handle bars” or even a “segway board”. Still others known as a two-wheel segway hoverboard. Many known it as a 2-wheel hoverboard. A long name which gets used often is the self-balancing, two-wheel, smart electric scooter. A common shortened name is a the electric hoverboard.

To some extent,segway board expertIn truth, it doesn’t really hover but it gives off the impression you are hovering when riding it. It is a board, but tends to scoot along the ground.Whatever the name its given, the undeniable fact is these electric boards with wheels are becoming very popular. Far smaller and lighter than a segway, it is still designed to move you around even though you are standing.Even more, these boards come in a variety of shapes and size and some even could with built-in speakers to connect to your mobile phone.

In this article, we will discuss the various of features and the cost associated with the electric hoverboard segway or self-balancing scooter, whichever name you prefer.Anyway,you can name it self balancing scooter,electric scooter skateboarding.

How much does a mini segway board cost?

The prices for one range anywhere from $250-$1,000. On average, the typical self-balancing electric scooter usually is around $500-650.Say,nine bot scooter or the official "swagway",a brand of scooter in United Kingdom.

By comparison, a segway usually costs between $6,000-$8,000. This makes these products very good value as they already are easier to carry and store. Now, they come at a fraction of the cost with the main difference between the lack of handlebars.

The lower-end prices usually come from China. These have long shipping times and no real warranty attached to them. It has been known that some of the lithium-ion batteries end up becoming faulty. Also, in an alarming trend, there have been many reports of the boards catching on fire – and burning down houses – while charging. Usually the battery issue has led to such situations. Many times, the board is charging in the house, but failed batteries create a spark which causes the combustion and leads to fires within homes.Yes,we, is a China located company but never used low quality battery.Normally,our battery are LG brand of original Samsung barnd.Just in order to keep customers safe.

segway hoverboardMost of these boards come from China where there are a lack of standards and controls. China already has over a million such products shipped out, including 40 percent from Shenzhen, which is known as a cheap manufacturing hub.

Though the American versions are higher-priced, the quality is much better because the product is already well-regulated state-side. The batteries are more proven, usually from Samsung and LG, so there isn’t anywhere near the concern of the hoverboard actually exploding or catching fire. Warranties always come with these models. In addition, the shipping time is shorter and it is easier to deal with customer care from these companies.

Also the prices may vary based on design and performance. Some are said to have better motors to create faster models or some advertise having longer battery life. Others provide wider platforms place your feet on.

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