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Am I too heavy to Ride a Hoverboard?

balancing scooter manual too heavy to ride hoverboard weight of hoverboard

Weight is an important consideration - the Self-balancing Scooter and rider both weight. In general, the standard weight limit of 7 inches hoverboards carrying about 100kg, or about 15 stone 7 pounds for those of us in the UK. We find that they will still be slightly in excess of the limits of human performance, but the overall balance may be slightly affected. For those of us more than 100KG weight, you have two choices; you can choose 10-inch hoverboard or AirWheel, because in general can support both heavier riders, and the weight limit 120KG, or 18 stone 8 pounds.

Rideables in terms of weight, much difference between the different models do not sell. Of course, the weight may vary depending on the model you buy, but generally 7 inches hoverboards and AirWheels about 10KG. It is worth bearing in mind that for the moment, you can not sit hoverboard, and must carry it (bus, stairs, etc.) 10KG load extra weight quickly tired of you. 10-inch hoverboard slightly heavier, up to 12.5KG, and having a large wheel which results in a hoverboard which are more awkward to carry. The AirWheel built for easy carrying handle, but hoverboard users will have to pay to buy a portable package.Everything you could find on

balancing scooter weight

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