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Segway's Hoverboard Mini is More Inexpensive Than Previous Models

electric balanicng scooter mini ninebot segway scooter

Segway recently released the 'Ninebot Mini Balancing Scooter,' a high-tech self-balancing scooter. This motorized device is similar to Segways of the past, however its price tag is quite affordable. The new Electric Self-balancing Scooter Mini is about one twentieth of the price of the original, retailing at $315.

Despite the large drop in price, the quality and performance of the Ninebot Mini remains impressive. The motorized scooter can travel up to 16 km per hour, operate on 15-degree hills and run 22 km on one charge. The device is also light, portable and can easily fit in a car's trunk. Furthermore, you can monitor your speed and traffic date through your smartphone. The innovative scooter will be released in China in November, but plans for its worldwide unveiling have yet to be announced.

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