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Two Wheels Balancing Scooter 8 inch

Self-balancing electric skateboard scooter 8 inch . Samsung /LG original battery made, key remote,carry bag FREE.This self-balancing electric scooter comes with 500-Watt electric motors, a 4.4 AH Genuine Samsung lithium battery which powers up a speed to 10 km/hour. A remote control also enables fast and easy power-on and off, overall the unit provides a new way of commuting.

The built-in gyroscopes ensure that this self balancing scooter remains upright with minimal effort making it easy to master in minutes. With a 10 km/ph maximum speed you can cruise along at a fast jogging pace and thanks to the genuine high volume 42 V 4.4 AH Samsung battery you get a travel range of around 20 km per charge, depending on speed and gradient.